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Knitting for me

That baby hat spree seems to be under control, and I figured it was time to knit something grownup. I grabbed that camel/merino/silk that I recently spun and cast on a pair of EZ’s mitered mittens. I’m adding a thumb … Continue reading

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The summer that wasn’t

I have lived in western Washington a long time now, long enough that I should be used to Seattle’s weather, but the instability of it still baffles me. Here it is, the last week of September and our tepid “summer” … Continue reading

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Chicken salad

1 can (12.5 oz) chicken, drained 1/4 cup dried cranberries 1/4 cup chopped pecans 1/2 small apple, chopped Optional: 1/2 cup halved, seedless grapes Stir well. Now, decide how you want to eat it: add some mayo and make a … Continue reading

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What am I doing?

A random snapshot of what I’m up to right now. Reading: Mockingjay (book 3 in the Hunger Games trilogy) Watching: Breaking Bad episodes via Netflix (season 1) Listening: Avril Lavigne via Pandora Eating: black pepper tilapia, garlic green beans, pears, … Continue reading

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False advertising

It’s one of my favorite soap boxes to climb onto: be an educated consumer. Certainly don’t fall for slick advertising, fads, and smokescreen claims that the megacorporations use to persuade you to buy their products. Don’t go in blind. Know … Continue reading

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Eighteen and counting

Sending out big birthday wishes to my son today! No matter how tall, how pierced, how grown-up he gets, he will always be my little dimpled, green-eyed buddy. The baby who was attached to my hip and wouldn’t let me use the … Continue reading

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You say tomato

The weather has taken a turn towards autumn and that’s had a marked impact on my garden. The tomatoes are beginning to ripen but are also getting some black spots which can spell disaster for the crop. I picked a … Continue reading

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Widdle Booties

It’s funny how a post by the Yarn Harlot will create a rash of gotta-knititis across the known universe. Ah, the power of the web. The Yarn Harlot has been on a knitting spree for a pending newborn and has … Continue reading

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Down time

Once or twice a year I come down with a chest cold that just knocks my feet out from under me – now’s one of those times. My lovely son shared his cold with me and it immediately combined with … Continue reading

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Twenty years seem like such a long time when it’s stretched out ahead of you, but like the blink of an eye when they are behind. Two decades ago today I married my high school sweetheart; through good times and … Continue reading

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