Down time

Once or twice a year I come down with a chest cold that just knocks my feet out from under me – now’s one of those times. My lovely son shared his cold with me and it immediately combined with my seasonal allergies to develop into a rip-roaring good time of phlegm and inflammation in my lungs (lovely, I know). I’ve gone through an entire inhaler, a bottle of extra-strength cough syrup, countless throat lozenges, two boxes of tissues (because my sinuses wanted to play, too), half a box of Mucinex, a handful of allergy tablets, and so many sleepless nights I have lost count. Overall I don’t feel that ill, but at night it’s like a sucker punch as my sinuses fill up and my lungs congest and my throat starts to roar in outrage over the onslaught of phlegm, mucus, and uncontrollable coughing that leaves me exhausted come morning light. Rinse and repeat.

Which brings me to my weekend: a supreme example of laziness brought on by the simple fact that any sort of exertion exacerbates the cough to the point of not being able to breathe. What’s a girl to do?

Knit and read, of course.  I read an entire book – The Tale of Halcyon Crane. I also finished spinning my baby camel / merino / silk fiber to come up with three lovely skeins of yarn destined to become mittens (and a hat, if the yardage warrants) for yours truly, while watching countless episodes of Battlestar Galactica:

(picture taken before it’s soak, so the fiber isn’t quite ‘set’ here.)

I finished one baby sweater:

(pattern: Maile)

And made good progress on another:

(pattern: Baby Sweater on Two Needles (though I’m using a circular)

Lots of folks having babies lately. So that was my weekend. Not much ‘fun’ but it was productive.


About wonkydonkey

You want random? You got it. Mostly knitting and gardening, with some home improvements, pets, baking, family, and the occasional bad joke thrown in for good measure. This blog is mine; it is a place where I can insist upon proper grammar or break my own rules and degrade into slang on a whim. Either way, it's still mine. I love the Internet.
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2 Responses to Down time

  1. Jen Finch says:

    Lovin the green/white sweater. How’d you do that with the color anyhow??

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    Jen – the yarn was just like that! In the skein it looked variegated, but when I wound it I saw it was graduated instead. I am not certain where I got it, it feels like Angie’s yarn but I don’t remember ever seeing a graduated colorway from her before.

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