Widdle Booties

It’s funny how a post by the Yarn Harlot will create a rash of gotta-knititis across the known universe. Ah, the power of the web. The Yarn Harlot has been on a knitting spree for a pending newborn and has been cranking out an impressive number of tiny sweaters, hats, and booties. Since I have several pending newborns in my circle as well, I’ve been knitting a similar array (but at much less impressive speed). Purely coincidence, combined with the fact that A) baby stuff knits up fast, and B) it’s too hot to be working on larger projects.  I will, however, admit to following a diversion into booties based solely on her blog post yesterday.  A quick stash dive turned up a mystery skein of light sock yarn, which seems to work well on size 0 needles. A couple episodes of Battlestar Galactica later, I had most of a bootie to show:

(based on the Cutest Booties)

I don’t have a ‘pattern’ for these, it’s just a small sock knit in garter. I’ve made a couple mistakes on the heel, though, which irritates me to no end. I’m about to rip back and have my third attempt. (It’s not like I haven’t made gobs of socks, but for some reason my brain can’t come out of it’s sleep-deprived fog long enough to turn the heel properly.) So the actual bootie in my knitting bag is significantly smaller than the picture above, having experienced negative progress to eradicate my unforgivable knitting errors. Maybe by tomorrow I can get it right.


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