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Had a lovely party at the office today, with tons of food and great costumes. My plans to be Medusa fell through (it’s amazingly difficult to find rubber snakes!) so I’m a ghoul, but Tony kept making me laugh. Not … Continue reading

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Homemade applesauce

The easiest thing to can is applesauce – no measuring needed, no ‘recipe’ to follow. I made some today and took pictures along the way.  (This is not a thorough canning tutorial – I’m presuming you know the basic equipment … Continue reading

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There’s a lot of construction going on in Seattle right now, and the construction workers must be getting tired. So tired, in fact, that they no longer know which way to direct the pedestrians.

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Form fail

For today, a simple piece of paper – in which I am directed, after completing the information above, to email or fax the form in. To a street address. (I did not alter the form at all, this is really … Continue reading

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Mission: Knit-down

I have a goal, and I’m going to throw it out here in the public blogosphere so that others may hold me accountable. (that’s a bit of a joke, because I know how few people actually read my blog – … Continue reading

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Ninjatudinal knitting

A lovely weekend spent knitting resulted in two finished Christmas presents – which I will not post pics of until after the holidays. I also put the finishing touches on my camel/silk mittens but haven’t blocked them yet, so again: … Continue reading

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Sunday spinning

Got most of an 8 oz ball of birthday wool/mohair roving spun up. Should end up with about 300 yards – now to decide what to make! The twist is not set yet, looks like a nice worsted weight.  This … Continue reading

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Deep thoughts today. I was thinking about taxes, and how the U.S.  is trillions of dollars in debt, and all the Occupy Wall Street protesting going on right now. Foreclosures, bankruptcy, and unemployment are daily headlines in the newspapers and … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday

Striped leg warmers on the needles, and a pair of socks freshly off the needles (those don’t count as a WIP any longer, so there’s a new pair of toes, too). (note on these socks: I thought I was doing … Continue reading

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So, the poor customer service experience at Cold Stone Creamery that prompted my complaint to corporate has resulted in: a personal call from the store manager, where he apologized and offered to accept my coupon if I wanted to come … Continue reading

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