Domestic Saturday

I kicked off the day with a cup of coffee and the last chapter in my book club book, but then had to don my domestic hat and take care of some business. I put it off as long as possible, but the house was in need of serious attention. Today I got the kitchen and front room clean – carpet, floor, windows, drapes, and furniture covers. I even dusted! Did some laundry, and mopped the dining room and bathroom, too. Tomorrow I have to tackle the dining room table and the family room, give the bathroom a once-over (I keep the bathroom pretty clean, so it doesn’t need much), and put new sheets on the bed. I toodled around in my soap room a bit too, packed up a wholesale order and updated my website. Chris got the fans and some random camping stuff put up in the attic, then he worked on the car all afternoon. We’ve got a bag of stuff to drop off at the Goodwill tomorrow, and I’m going to take our old CPU to the recycling place. Feels good to clear out the clutter.

Since the kitchen was clean, I went ahead and messed it up again by making peanut butter bars, then got some dinner going (a roasted chicken, plus a cheesy potatoes & carrot bake), and there will be corn bread later as well. All of the recipes came from my trusty red plaid Betty Crocker cookbook. Sure smells good in here.

At the moment I’m relaxing, waiting for dinner to cook. There’s still a good half hour on the timer, so maybe I’ll pull up something on Netflix and knit on my mittens a bit. They are almost done and I can’t decide what to make with the extra yarn – a hat? A cowl?

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