Mmmmm, butter

This morning I made some butter.

Yes, butter.

It’s super easy and tastes fresh and light. All you need is a stand mixer (like a Kitchenaid) and whipping cream. It took me about a half hour start to finish, but I was fiddling with the mixer and taking pictures and stuff – it should take closer to 15-20 minutes total.

My full photo tutorial is here on Flicker, but the basic steps are thus:

Start with a stand mixer and a quart of whipping cream. I want to point out that I would rather have had organic cream, but the store was out so I settled for Darigold.

Beat on low and then medium as it thickens up, until you get whipped cream – then switch to a paddle and keep mixing on medium.

Like magic, the butterfat will cling together and form BUTTER. The extra water will separate out. Keep this and use it in any recipe that calls for milk – I’m going to make pancakes.

 After straining and a bit of rinsing / pressing out the extra water, you have perfectly good butter ready to spread on toast or whatever. I didn’t salt mine this time, though I usually do – but I wanted this batch plain because I have plans to serve it with a drizzle of olive oil and flakes of sea salt, to put on some crusty bread with our jambalaya tonight. MMMMMMM!

I formed mine into sticks and wrapped them in parchment paper.

And voila – twelve ounces of fresh, pure butter.

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