Free lunch

I love that saying, that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I think it all depends on your perspective and what you are willing to do / put up with. There are quite a few companies, mostly restaurants, willing to give you free stuff if you look and agree to get their emails from time to time. Granted, their incentive is to get you to spend more money, but that’s not usually a requirement. Quite a few offers are just free and clear. I, for one, have no problem taking them up on these offers.

Birthday clubs, for example. A lot of companies want you to ‘register’ or ‘set up an account’ – in return for tracking your purchases they will send you periodic emails with sales or coupons or whatever.

I pick the ones that I sign up for and only get offers for those companies that I would actually go to. This year, here’s my running tally of free birthday stuff, some of which I’ve already used:

  • A free burger at Red Robin. Yum!
  • A free steak dinner at The Keg. This is my favorite, and makes a great date night.
  • $10 to use at World Market.
  • A free slice of pie at Shari’s restaurant.
  • Any drink of my choice at Starbucks.
  • A Beauty Insider gift from Sephora (often makeup, this year it’s bath products).
  • A free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins. They also gave me a $3 coupon to use on an ice cream cake.
  • A BOGO coupon for ice cream at Cold Stone.
  • A BOGO coupon for Blizzards at Dairy Queen.
  • A $.25 coupon from Chicken of the Sea. This is one of the lamer ones, but whatever – I put it in my coupon caddy.

There have probably been other offers that I didn’t pay attention to, but you get the idea. I love birthdays – celebrating another year just makes my day, and doing so with some freebies makes it even better. The food offers are great ‘excuses’ to go out to eat or get a special treat that I might otherwise pass over.

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