Customer disservice

On Saturday it was just the Girl and I, so we headed out for dinner: burgers at Red Robin, and then next door to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert – I had my birthday coupon to use. Having just eaten, we both picked a small “Like It” size, and chose something off the giant board. She got some chocolate-chocolate chip-brownie concoction and I decided on a pecan-caramel-brownie thing. We both chose cups instead of cones.
The cashier rang us up and I handed over my coupon. He glanced at it and said I couldn’t use it. Why? It isn’t valid for what we ordered, he said.

What?? The coupon says “buy any creation and get a second creation of equal or lesser value free”. We got two creations. I read the words to him. He said it didn’t apply to Signature Creations (which is apparently what you get when you order off the large boards). I asked what the difference was between ordering a Signature Creation and just asking for the three mix-ins. He shrugged and repeated he couldn’t take the coupon.

I pointed out the words ANY CREATION and the lack of exclusions on the coupon, at which point he changed tactics and said the coupon was only good for one “mix-in” and we had 3-4. I asked him where it said that on the coupon, because I didn’t see that anywhere. He shrugged. I argued once again the word ANY, but he stuck to his guns, refusing to take my coupon.

By this point our ice creams were melted and I was pissed off, so I paid the $10 tab and we left. The next day I was complaining to my husband and pulled out the coupon to show him. I read him the words Any Creation, and pointed out the lack of exclusions, and then read the fine print just to be thorough. One per person, valid at this location only, waffle cones cost extra, blah blah blah, good for any size served in a cup with up to 4 mix-ins.

Hold the phone.

Any size, with up to 4 mix-ins. The little punk! Not only did he not know their coupons, he didn’t read it to make sure, and he ARGUED with me for a good two minutes. Me, the customer. Even if I’d been dead wrong, he should have offered something besides argument. He should have called over the manager. I wasn’t being obnoxious or causing a scene (maybe I should have); we ordered smalls and it’s not like I was asking for anything special, just for him to honor my birthday coupon.

Today will involve an angry letter to corporate and a personal visit to speak to the lad’s manager.

Customer service my foot. Wrong AND rude.

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  1. Erica says:

    So what was the outcome of this??

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