So, the poor customer service experience at Cold Stone Creamery that prompted my complaint to corporate has resulted in:
a personal call from the store manager, where he apologized and offered to accept my coupon if I wanted to come back even though the coupon is expired, and has reprimanded and grounded (temporarily laid off) the offending employee;
an email from the regional manager, apologizing on behalf of the company;
and a new coupon for one of anything I want at any Cold Stone.

While I don’t have any plans to go back (their ice cream is just meh), I feel the company has done a fine job of apologizing and trying to appease me. I hope the employee actually learns something from this; poor customer service is such a big no-no.

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2 Responses to Resolution

  1. Erica says:

    Interesting! Probably would have cost them a lot less if the kid had just let you use your freakin’ coupon! 🙂

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