Long weekends

I must say, I could get used to four-day weekends. Thursday was full of family and food, Friday was a fun day of soap sales at my first open house, and Saturday so far is mostly for knitting and watching Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix. I do need to go out and tidy up my soap room a bit, and get out for a walk this afternoon – but for now, I have my slippers on and a cup of tea at hand.

On the knitting front: I’ve been plugging away on my wooly rib warmer but am running out of wool… I have pulled a darker brown from my stash and the upper back will just be a different color than the front, nothing I can do about that. I’ll call it a Design Element. Or a Happy Accident a la Bob Ross.

On the home front: we know that winter has truly set in when Snickerdoodle starts to brood over the heat registers.

Speaking of cats, I’m still not certain we should put up a Christmas tree this year… The kitten continues to be a chewer and all-around pesky hooligan that is prone to psychotic freak-outs that involve gymnastics on her cat tree and wind sprints across the wood floors. Earlier I was making eggs and watching her contortions on the cat tree, I turned away for thirty seconds and when I looked back she had raced across the room and grabbed my knitting. A Christmas tree just sounds like too much of a temptation. Wonder if the kids would be disappointed if we skipped it?

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