Holiday Zenitude

I’m feeling very Zen about the holidays this year. I decided early in the year that I would not stress myself out over gifts or become over committed; the most rewarding gifts are family and friends – so why get all wound up (and go in debt) over a gift list? Setting realistic budgets and focusing instead of spending time with those I love has made this one of the most relaxing holidays seasons I can remember.

This morning I sealed up two boxes destined for distant relatives. Combined with the box sent yesterday to the distant son, this completes my gifts-that-need-to-be-shipped list and allows me to focus on the gifts-to-give-local-family list.

I also wrapped most of my gifts last night!  (this didn’t take very long since I don’t give a lot of gifts but HEY! I have a little stack of wrapped gifts on the table!) No ribbons or bows this year due to the The Kitten, which kept the wrapping quick and easy.

There are three family members on my list for which I would like to find a gift; it would help immensely if I could figure out what kind of gift I want to give each of them, but so far I have not had any epiphanies. I’m keeping my eyes open for inspiration and am mulling over some ideas to see what sounds right. I’m sure something will fall into place.

Knitting: I am down to one knitted gift to complete and it’s more than halfway done so I know I’ll get it done before the weekend. And that’s it, all other knitting is for myself or next year’s gift list.

Baking: In the holiday baking arena, there is very little to report. I decided not to make much this year – a bit of fudge was made on Sunday and I’m considering some bread or marshmallows this week but haven’t committed yet. I’ve been working with my soap wholesale account on some changes for next year and it’s hard to focus on food when you are surrounded by soap…

Sewing: Hm, just remembered I have a couple of sewing gifts to finish… I’m feeling pretty optimistic about those, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get them done by Christmas, could always just be a late gift.


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