Comcast / Xfinity has been out of service in our area for a few days now and the recorded message says to expect 40+ more hours of outage. I’ve got a hinky connection at the moment with a mobile broadband device, but it’s rather like being on dial-up, so I’m keeping my internet forays brief. I do have a smartphone, so I’m not totallly cut off – but watching movies on the wee screen is not much fun. We are so deprived. (or is that depraved?)

In the interim, I’ve been mucking about the house cooking and baking, sweeping and dusting, making soap and spinning. Knit a small project yesterday, a bandana cowl that is soft and scrumptious – it’s mystery yarn from the stash, feels (and acts) like wool and knit up beautifully in warm copper tones.

I bought yarn for a few more projects (and before you give me a bad time about buying yarn, just shut it. I had yarn money tucked away for the Seattle-to-Portland Yarn Train event, but that was cancelled on account of the snowmageddon that rolled through the west coast. They were planned purchases, and there are projects lined up for the new yarn, and I stayed within my budget. So there. *insert raspberry noise here*)

And the spinning – I finished a bobbin of merino wool, 4 ounces to be exact, spun nice and thin. It will be plied with a merino/silk blend that I just started on. The color of this single is somewhere in the mauve family, but with a touch more purple. I still don’t have a real camera, so the phone pic will have to suffice.

There’s a beef stew in the crockpot for dinner, and I am considering doing a bit of quilting (bought a new thimble yesterday, to replace the one that has gone missing – probably stolen by the kitten) while watching Firefly episodes. I may not be able to watch Netflix, but I have Firefly on DVD so all is not lost.  I’ve spent a lot of time at home the past week but have not made much of a dent in the housework; I’m starting to think I’m not very fond of housework.  Baking, yes – we’ve been enjoying an array of nummies – but the dusting, not so much. Any volunteers?

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