As in, “mind your own beeswax”, which pretty well sums up how I feel about folks that are opposed to gay marriage.

*putting on my rant pants, which is prompted by this article in the Seattle Times and the resulting barrage of opinions flooding the internet. Might as well add my own. It’s my blog, after all.*

What impact, exactly, does gay marriage have on humanity? (aside from the ones involved, of course) None. Zip. Zero. Nada. Whether I married a man or a woman (or didn’t marry at all) does not affect your job, your house, your family, your property value, or the job you have. Opposing same-sex marriage is like opposing marriage between two people that are afraid of heights, it isn’t logical.

Being gay is not a choice, a fad, a stance, a political statement, or a result of an environmental influence. It’s part of who a person is, and it makes no sense whatsoever for Sally to tell Tom and Bill how to celebrate and commemorate their love just because Sally disagrees and perhaps points to a passage in the Bible as her ‘reason’. People are made up of all sorts of likes, preferences, inclinations, desires, and so forth – most of which we cannot change, and indeed, should not feel compelled to do so based on the opinions of others (ones that harm others notwithstanding).

So who, exactly, is hurt by the states that ban same-sex marriage? Duh: gay people who want to get married. Not Christians, not housewives, not kids – just the very people who happened to fall in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. I say if someone wants to get married, let them! It’s rare enough to find a soul mate (what is the divorce rate again?), and bah humbug to the Bible quotes about marriage being a union of a man and a woman. Most of the same-sex marriage opposition I’ve read and heard is based on religious views, and this raises my ire like few things can.

*Rant escalation warning* 

(preface: I have nothing against religion (honestly!), I think it brings a great deal of comfort, structure, guidance, and support to a great many people) 

The stories in the Bible were written by numerous men over a great span of years and have been translated, revised, condensed, expanded, illustrated, censored, interpreted, and argued over for many hundreds of years. I think maybe if there was one truly “God-authorized” version we wouldn’t have so many different religions, or branches of the same religion, or people within the same religion coming out with differing opinions on what it really means. Of course, we’d all have to learn to read the original languages that the Bible was written in (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). And when you come right down to it, that’s what we are talking about here – interpreting the Word of God. (My, aren’t humans presumptuous creatures??)

Interpretation is not a valid reason for denying a couple the right to marry. Have you ever read the assembly instructions on a product made overseas? Yeah, quite a bit is lost there and that’s in modern-day communication. I may have just stepped over some boundaries there, but I have a real problem with people who wave a Bible in my face and tell me it’s the end-all rule book on how to live a virtuous life. And before you ask, yes – I have read the Bible, and I have been to church (several, in fact); not that it’s in any way relevant.

The main Biblical ‘reason’ I’ve heard opposing same-sex marriage relates to procreation – sex is not to be recreational. That is, the purpose of sex is to create life and if you aren’t creating life, you should not have sex (something about not wasting seed, but I can’t elaborate because Monty Python just leapt into my head). Well, I think we passed that point eons ago. Humans have been controlling conception for a long time. And what about people that are sterile? Or women past menopause? or people with hereditary genetic disorders? Or women for whom pregnancy is physically dangerous? Most religions have managed to accept recreational (non-procreative) sex, even if they aren’t outward proponents of it – so what’s the big deal?

I guess my point is there is nothing wrong with having an opinion. Shucks, I have a lot of opinions! But if it’s something that isn’t harming anyone, why get your boxers in a bunch over it? Why deny two people who love each other the right to be married if they want to? Go ahead and be opposed. Don’t marry a gay person, if you think it’s wrong. As for me, I fully support a person’s right to choose who they vow to love and honor until death do they part, and I’m glad that Washington state is one step closer to becoming the 7th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

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  1. Erica says:

    Amen, sister. I couldn’t have said any of it better myself.

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