Annis in action

I wore my new scarf / shawl today, over a plain black shirt. In retrospect I should have worn a pale shirt to better show the gorgeousness of the scarf, but I still got a few compliments (especially at my LYS, where I went during lunch to model it and to search for a skein of Zauberball to finish my Laodice scarf). It was so small while I was knitting it that I was afraid it would be unwearable, but a good blocking does wonders and it turned out just right. I wore it with the center point in front, and the tails wrapped behind my neck and back over my shoulders, so the tails rested on my chest as a bottom layer to the center point (if that makes sense). It slipped around just a bit during the day but I’ll blame that on the shirt; over a cotton shirt I think the scarf would have stayed in place. No pinning needed.


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