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Spam texts

Argh! It’s not enough that we have to wade through email spam, they’ve recently started coming to my phone as well, in the form of texts that include links for me to follow to “claim my prize!”. Today I got … Continue reading

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Shave and a haircut

Today, I am debunking one of my biggest pet peeve old wive’s tales: that shaving makes hair grow back thicker / darker / etc.. It is imperative to understand some basic biology about hair in order to appreciate the silliness … Continue reading

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Finished and started

This weekend I blocked the pink silk Mequita Shawl. I safely finished it with the three skeins I had, with a bit to spare.  Needless worrying about the yardage. Over all, I liked the pattern; my only complaint is that … Continue reading

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All done but the blocking

I finished knitting the Mezquita shawl / scarf; tomorrow I will give it a good soak and block it. There’s quite a bit of curling going on and I’m counting on the blocking to reduce that.

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Amelia’s favorite game

My daughter’s little rescue kitten is now a year old, and has some of the most keenly developed hunting instincts I’ve ever seen in an indoor-only cat (both of our cats are indoors-only, both for their safety and that of … Continue reading

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Pink and violet

Nearing the finish line on my pink silk scarf – just rocking along the short rows now. And, my green thumb doesn’t fail – African violets blooming for the third time in the last twelve months.  

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I was glancing at my blog stats.

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Feeling flouncy

Today I finished another project from my “12 in ’12” bag. It’s fun and flouncy!

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Redemption and ripples

The failed chocolate cake has redeemed itself, in the form of cake balls. Time consuming but yummy. I highly recommend the melts that can be found in the cake aisle at Joann / Michael’s; they melt well and taste pretty … Continue reading

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Fully legal

Today my baby turns 21, which must have happened in some weird time/space worm hole because I am certainly not old enough to have a child that is not only NOT a child any longer, but is in fact a … Continue reading

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