Pretty in pink

Started a new project this morning, in a color I almost never wear – a soft pink. Not sure yet if it will be for me or someone else. The yarn is 100%  silk (Louisa Harding), so the scarf will have great drape and curling should not be an issue. The yardage will be a close call – the pattern calls for “approx 400 yards” and I have three balls each with 136 yards, which equals 408.  (insert knitter denial right here…) Once I get into the stockinette section I’ll measure my gauge and see how I’m doing.


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2 Responses to Pretty in pink

  1. Emiko says:

    That’s a pretty shawl pattern! And that’s a pretty color of pink yarn too. I’m gonna have to check out that pattern on Rav 🙂

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    I’m trying to extend my wardrobe – but I run warm so sweaters / layers are not something I can usually pull off. I figure pretty, drapey scarves are a good way to go, so I’ve been looking on Ravelry for “shawl” patterns that are shallow / long enough to use as a scarf. Annis was good, and I thought this one was pretty too. 🙂

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