Amelia’s favorite game

My daughter’s little rescue kitten is now a year old, and has some of the most keenly developed hunting instincts I’ve ever seen in an indoor-only cat (both of our cats are indoors-only, both for their safety and that of the neighborhood bird population).

One of Amelia’s favorite games is a kind of hide-and-seek / attack game, consisting of a dining room chair, a bath towel, and a willing participant. She will sit on the chair and wait for someone to walk by, springing up at them if they don’t respond quickly enough. There are a few rules: there must be a towel over the chair, it should be one chair in particular, and there is a certain distance the chair needs to be pulled out from the table (approximately 8″; less and she can’t fit in the space, more and the chair tips over from her leaping). Optional rules are that you can use your hand or a chopstick (I much prefer a chopstick, as my hands have been subjected to her talons too many times). Beyond that, a healthy dose of patience from the human participant is needed, because this game will go on as long as the human will play (which is never as long as the kitten will play).

Here’s a little video I took last night.


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