Finished and started

This weekend I blocked the pink silk Mequita Shawl. I safely finished it with the three skeins I had, with a bit to spare.  Needless worrying about the yardage. Over all, I liked the pattern; my only complaint is that the top edge rolls like crazy. It flattened out during blocking, but I will not be surprised if it curls back up the instant I put it on.

Here the ubuiqitous blocking pic (on my favorite beach towel), plus a close-up:

(Mezquita Shawl, 3 skeins of Louisa Harding Mulberry 100% silk)

Because my last couple of projects have been fairly simple, I chose something a bit more challenging for my next, from my “12 in ’12” project bag: a Catkin Shawl, by Carina Spencer.  I bought four luscious skeins of madeline tosh in colors similar to but not exactly matching those in the pattern.

Can I just say that I love this yarn? Love love it. If you ever want to buy me something, a skein of this would do nicely. I wish I could afford to knit all my projects in madeline tosh. *sigh* Anyway, I cast on – took me two tries to get the hang of the mirrored M1 increases – and got about 25 rows done yesterday:

I am really looking forward to this project. Lots going on, several charts, color changes, texture stitches… It will be a nice mental challenge from the ripple afghan that takes absolutely no attention whatsoever. Thing is, neither the shawl nor the afghan are good commuter knitting. I’ll have to check out my project bag again, see what’s in there – I think I have a couple socks and a hat or two that I can start for train knitting. This morning I was knit-less and it was very weird. I listened to a podcast but my hands really wanted to be knitting something.

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