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What we do for love

No new projects to share, just been working on the pink scarf and the ripple afghan. Progress photos at this point aren’t very exciting, I’m afraid, and there won’t be much progress to speak of for a couple of days … Continue reading

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Got a compliment on the color while knitting on the train today. I’m 16 rows into the charted edge, have used one skein of yarn so far – but the scarf starts to narrow very soon so the other two … Continue reading

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Zig zag

Making good progress on my little ripple afghan; it’s about 18″ long now. Getting more difficult to wrangle when there’s a kitty on my lap, especially when that kitty likes blankets and can’t understand why I keep moving it around. … Continue reading

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Let them eat steak

This morning I tossed a bunch of little steak tenderloins into a simple marinade for tonight’s dinner. I will sear the steaks in a hot, cast iron skillet with a little butter, top them with a bit of gorgonzola cheese … Continue reading

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Ripple effect

Scrap ripple, a photo by wonkydonkey on Flickr. With spring right around the corner, I’ve been feeling the urge to purge – donating old clothes, tossing papers, and digging out half-finished projects from the depths of my closet. This is … Continue reading

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The Self-Feeding Cat

Step One: Hungry Cat sees Human is not responding to plea for food. Takes matters into own paws. Step Two: Locate food and evaluate the locking mechanism. Step Three: Lift the latch (piece of cake!) Step Four: Reposition to ensure proper lid-lifting … Continue reading

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Socks and snow

Quickly: finished a pair of warm wool socks for Chris. And it snowed last night! Just a dusting, but pretty nonetheless. (Cascade 220 superwash wool) (a bit of snow on the evergreen bush)

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Fatal boot error

My four year-old laptop bit the dust over the weekend. It had been ailing and I’d been trying to ferret out the problem, but corrupted Windows files brought everything to a screeching halt and there was no alternative except to … Continue reading

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Pretty in pink

Started a new project this morning, in a color I almost never wear – a soft pink. Not sure yet if it will be for me or someone else. The yarn is 100%  silk (Louisa Harding), so the scarf will … Continue reading

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Under pressure

Today has been taken over by tremendous sinus pressure, a low-grade fever, and an ache in my teeth (from the sinus pressure). After being cleared on the DEA list at the drug store, I have a box of sinus medication … Continue reading

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