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Growing like a weed

Spring has sprung around here, and this weekend the air was abuzz with the sounds of birds, lawn mowers, and grumbling teenagers as folks like us headed outside to tame the weeds and bring some semblance of order back to … Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the details

We went to the Puyallup Spring Fair last weekend, and while browsing the vendor building we passed a few tables selling sheets. Not just any sheets, these were “1600 thread-count Egyptian Cotton sheets”, for the low low price of just … Continue reading

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Google fun

Google is my home page and my primary search engine. I am a big fan of nerdy humor. For today, just a couple of quick Google searches to perform: Askew Do a barrel roll  

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Riding the wave

I’m on a bag kick, which is great because I have a lot of cotton yarn. I like the “Grrlfriend Market Bag” pattern – a square base and then worked round with one handle. I do mine on a 25/25/50 … Continue reading

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In the zone

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For hire

I’m a frequent rider of public transit. For the past two years it’s been primarily by light rail, but prior to that I commuted into town by bus. All in all, it’s been somewhere in the neighborhood of sixteen years … Continue reading

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Nemesis no more

Ah ha! I finally got this hat knit! Four tries later… Some patterns just give a knitter a hard time, for no particular reason. It turned out well though, glad I kept at it. Here’s a picture of it blocking, … Continue reading

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What happened to Australian Toaster Biscuits??  I loved those things, and they disappeared from the grocery stores several years ago. I keep searching, hoping someone will have them but no, just regular English Muffins… There is a crumpet shop near my office, … Continue reading

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What’d you say?

I enjoy reviewing what the spam catcher has caught on my blog comments, it never fails to cheer me up. Most come through with embedded links to Viagra ads or similar, and they always have the most creative grammar. Check … Continue reading

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Pity party of one

This is nothing but a big ol’ whiny post. Cue the sad country song now. My truck broke down last week.  I had it towed home (yay for AAA!) and the husband poked at it; he wasn’t able to figure out … Continue reading

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