Blue Nemesis

In my “12 in ’12” project bag was a not-new project, something that I’ve attempted several times in the past and refused to give up on — and (knock wood) I think I’ve got it figured out! It is a Short-Row Hat and there is a point in the pattern where I apparently make the same mistake, over and over, because I cannot count to fifteen. The shaping doesn’t lend itself well to repairs, so I’ve just ripped it out when I made this mistake. Well, now that I know exactly where I’ve been going wrong, I’ve picked up steam and have my fingers crossed that the fourth time is a charm. I probably just jinxed this project all the way to Albuquerque, but here it is, in progress:

(Short-Row Hat, in mystery blue wool (because it’s been kicking around so long I lost the ball band), slightly lumpy because the yarn has been re-knit four times)

P.S. – Speaking of my project bag, it’s half empty! I am going to have to put together more projects – I really like having a bag of ready-to-go stuff.

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