Process vs. product

People who make things often fall into one of two categories: those that do it for the finished product, or those that do it for the process. Generally, product crafters will churn out an impressive quantity of a narrow selection of items. Sally will crochet fifteen hundred washcloths in assorted colors and different patterns. Barbara will whip up a carload of throw pillows for a local craft bazaar. Michael will release a book every four months for twenty years.

Process crafters, on the other hand, will seek out different techniques or methods, working more to satisfy a creative urge than to meet some arbitrary deadline. Lisa will start and rip out a pair of knitted knickers eight times. Bob will paint over a canvas eleven times in his attempt to capture the particular reflection of light off of a dew drop. Mary will take seven years to write a sequel, taking frequent sabbaticals to travel or pursue other interests.

There are crafters who have a foot in each camp, of course, or that go back and forth – I’m one of those. I knit to make things, useful things like socks or hats, but I actively seek out new patterns and techniques. I enjoy whipping out a simple washcloth once or twice, but then I need something to sink my teeth into. This is why I have several projects underway at any given time. Crafters like me will try new things just to see what happens, have a diverse product list, or come out with limited edition items. They may not be able (or willing) to duplicate something they made.

My latest cast-on is a pair of short socks with unique construction, they have seams on each side! The pattern has you sew these up before beginning the instep but I didn’t have a needle with me when I reached that point so I’ll just do it later. Makes for a funky looking WIP, though.


(Pattern: Turkish Bed Socks. Yarn: A Swell Yarn Shop DeKay)

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2 Responses to Process vs. product

  1. I’m a process (and finisher!) crafter as well. I usually have 3 projects going at once. One incredibly easy and mindless to take with me to knit night so I have a chance to chat. A medium difficulty project for the rest of the time. And an incredibly large and/or complicated one for when the kids go to bed and I can concentrate on it. Sometimes it may be knitting. Other times it could be crochet or spinning. I like to switch it up but I do try to keep to my 3 project principle. I’ve been doing it for years and it keeps my mind going and the items are getting finished.

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    I don’t know that I could count the projects I have going at any given time. 🙂 Numerous, but they also span the difficulty levels. I love to knit socks, but I can’t knit the same.old.pattern.over.and.over – I think of the 15-20 pairs of socks I’ve knitted, every single pair has been a different pattern and often they are drastically different (not just a tweaked ribbing) – I love how many ways there are to construct a sock!

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