Pity party of one

This is nothing but a big ol’ whiny post. Cue the sad country song now.

My truck broke down last week.  I had it towed home (yay for AAA!) and the husband poked at it; he wasn’t able to figure out exactly what broke so today it went to the mechanic. Needs a new starter and belt tensioner; could have been a lot worse, but it’s some $350 I’d rather spend elsewhere. It will be fixed tomorrow morning but I won’t get the truck back until Thursday, because our second car is now out-of-town with the husband and I can’t make it to the shop before they close tomorrow. Which means my transportation methods continue to be limited to train, bus, and good ol’ walking. I’ve done a lot of walking the past few days. To the bank, to the grocery store, to the train station… 

Speaking of the train, this morning I left my gym bag on it. The gym bag containing my new Zumba shoes and my favorite water  bottle (the rest of the bag contents are not that great). I called the Metro and was told to call back tomorrow to see if it was turned in. So, no Zumba for me today. I did get almost four miles of walking today, so I guess it’s not a total loss on the exercise front. I really, really hope that I get my bag back tomorrow. I’ll have to walk two miles to the lost and found department to get it.

The lack of transportation is not so bad for me, but it makes getting the youngsters around difficult – tonight we begged a ride from a friend to get the Girl to her Girl Scout meeting, but I was late getting home and I wasn’t able to go (had all that walking to do, you know).

Our house refinance is stalled at the underwriters or something. I keep calling to check the status, and they keep telling me it’s almost done. I could really use that extra money right about now to get my truck out of hawk. And mama needs a new pair of walking shoes.

If I had a dog, it would probably have run off.

And something has triggered my allergies; I’ve been sneezing and sniffling all day.

And there’s a hole in the toe of my left sock.

And we’re out of butter. We only have that yucky margarine stuff, and it’s just no good on toast.

But I do have wine, and chocolate. Maybe the mountain of dishes and laundry will seem less daunting after some imbibing.

P.S. I do have access to loaner cars if something urgent came up, and the weather has been quite nice for walking the past few days, and I do own a bicycle. I’m not totally destitute. The exercise is good for me. But this is a whiny post, so I will not count my blessings (which are numerous) until tomorrow.

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