Growing like a weed

Spring has sprung around here, and this weekend the air was abuzz with the sounds of birds, lawn mowers, and grumbling teenagers as folks like us headed outside to tame the weeds and bring some semblance of order back to the yards. We have let our yard “go” for several years, and it has reached jungle status. Sure, it’s green — but the ground covers have choked out just about everything, a wall of overgrown shrubs made our already-small backyard seem extra narrow, and the dandelions have staged a hostile takeover of the entire yard. Plus, I want a small greenhouse and what with moving the vegetable garden to the backyard, there isn’t much grass left – so we are conquering the deep planting beds that line our fence.

Vina Minor, ivy, honeysuckle, bindweed, daylilies, mystery weeds, and a metric ton of those grape hyacinth things – dug out and packed into yard waste bags. Next to go are some larger shrubs that just won’t stay in their allotted space (lilac, I’m talking to you!) as well as some more invasive species (butterfly bush) and things that just aren’t thriving in the jungle that the side beds have become. A fresh start, that’s what I want.  I have a couple dozen shade-loving native plants lined up waiting for the earth to be cleared beneath the mature dogwood tree. It is quite a challenge getting rid of the creeping weeds, so they may have to wait until this fall to go into the ground.

(Bindweed – commonly misnamed “morning glory”)


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  1. sewsable says:

    We’ve got Bindweed here, it’s also known as Convolvulus and it’s nigh on impossible to eradicate as it resprouts from the smallest fragment of root.

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