I cast on a pair of socks for June (I’m doing a pair a month this year, and am a little ahead) – this pair is a frankensock kind of thing; I’m using scraps in several colors. The yarns so far are coordinated but I will have to pull more scraps from the stash and there’s no telling what I’ll find.


(simple socks, 56 stitches around)

In other news, my old umbrella broke and I took advantage of this unfortunate event to visit a super cute new store right on 1st and Pine near the Pike Place Market – Bella Umbrella (their website is geared towards rentals, the retail store has tons for sale). They have an awesome selection of good quality rain domes, and I had a hard time choosing. This one has lots of ribs to make it sturdier / more resistant to wind (though I don’t bother with an umbrella in the wind) and I like the bit of color.

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