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Quilting bug

I have tinkered with quilting for years and years; made my first one when I was still in high school. Mostly patchwork, very simple, but quilts nonetheless. I love quilts and the idea of quilting, but for some reason I … Continue reading

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Your day could be worse

Whenever I’m having a crappy day or things just aren’t going well, I try to step back and remind myself that no matter what has put a damper on my mood it could be so much worse. Walking home this … Continue reading

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The mystery unfolds

Five rows left in Clue 3; can’t wait to see what the last clue has in store for us.

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Stitch ‘n Pitch

I enjoy baseball, knitting, chatting out with friends, and playing with babies. Put them all together on a gorgeous evening in an open-air stadium, throw in some drool-worthy booths to shop at, season with heaps of garlic fries, and you … Continue reading

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Rockin’ the Rockefeller

Moving right along on the mystery shawl KAL over on Ravelry (I’m farther than in this pic). Clue 3 comes out tomorrow, we’re half way there! I’m intrigued by the geometric / art deco styling and thrilled that I picked … Continue reading

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Compensate much?

Parking fail

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Mistaken identity

When we were at the zoo the other day, we witnessed a spectacular sight: a peacock in full display. He was fanning and shaking his tail feathers, putting on quite a show. Unfortunately, he was directing it at a couple … Continue reading

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Getting cozy

Take one free stainless steel water bottle with an unfortunately large corporate logo printed on the side, a ball of bulky mystery yarn, and some DPN’s. Turn on a couple of episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and PRESTO! One water bottle … Continue reading

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Boys vs girls

It is sometimes difficult to explain just how different it is raising boys versus girls. Perhaps a picture to demonstrate… It is perfectly normal to find this on your dining table if you have boys:

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Tosh becomes wedges

Tosh becomes wedges

Those two skeins of tosh light have begun their journey to shawldom with Clue 1 of the Rockefeller KAL.

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