Your day could be worse

Whenever I’m having a crappy day or things just aren’t going well, I try to step back and remind myself that no matter what has put a damper on my mood it could be so much worse. Walking home this evening I came across a blocked intersection with plenty of police presence.

I figured a fight, car accident, robbery… And then I overheard someone say “body bag”. I tried to stay to the side where I couldn’t see the area, but there was debris strewn over a pretty big area. When I was allowed to cross the street I went behind the somber crowd of bystanders and I suddenly had a pretty good idea what had happened.

That’s a bad picture but I didn’t really want to see what I saw. In the center there is what is left of a motorcycle (it had been propped up to aid the scene investigators in their survey / mapping). The motorcycle was pretty badly burned up. And on the ground under the white sheet is something I really really don’t want to think about. There was a second sheet farther up the road.
So today, no matter how much work you had to do or how loud your boss yelled or how crappy you think your life is, be grateful that you are not getting the phone call that goes with this kind of accident.

Edit to add: it was a 26 year-old man on the motorcycle, and he hit a taxi that was turning into a driveway. Police say the motorcycle driver died almost instantly.


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2 Responses to Your day could be worse

  1. jennifer says:

    Stuff like that really gives a person a refresh look on their day. Funny, I was thinking about that call I had to make almost 9 years ago. No matter how old I get I will never forget that night and I truly feel for those that will get that call every day.

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    It’s easy to lose sight if what’s truly important when your car breaks down, the dishwasher goes on the fritz, your child loses a shoe at the park, or you can’t scrape up enough change to get a gallon of milk – but I’ve gotten two of those phone calls and let me tell you, it definitely puts things into perspective.

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