August 1st

On this day in history:

1774: British minister Joseph Priestly, author of Observations on Civil Liberty and the Nature and Justice of the War with America, discovers oxygen.

1779: Francis Scott Key was born. He was an American composer, attorney, poet, and social worker. He was the composer of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”

1790: the first enumeration by the U.S. Census Bureau is completed. It shows a population of 3,939,326 located in 16 states and the Ohio territory. Virginia is the most populous state with 747,610 inhabitants.

1791: Robert Carter III, a Virginia plantation owner, frees all 500 of his slaves in the largest private emancipation in U.S. history.

1819: Herman Melville, author of Moby Dick, is born.

1834: Slavery is abolished throughout the British Empire.

1873: San Francisco’s first cable cars begin running, operated by Hallidie’s Clay Street Hill Railroad Company.

1893: A machine for making shredded wheat breakfast cereal is patented.

1936 : Possibly one of the most controversial Olympic games of modern times opens in Berlin, Germany with a ceremony presided over by Adolf Hitler. The Games of the XI Olympiad were used by Germany as a tool for propaganda. to promote their ideology, and its promotion of the superiority of the “Aryan Race” by only allowing Germans of “Aryan race” to compete for Germany. 1876: Colorado entered the Union as the thirty-eighth state. This is the year the United States celebrated its centennial. Thus, Colorado is known as the Centennial State.

1941 : Willy’s Truck Company introduced the Jeep for the U.S. Army who were looking for a fast lightweight all terrain vehicle.

1942: Jerry Garcia, lead singer of the Grateful Dead, is born.

1960 – Chubby Checker’s “The Twist” was released.

1961: Amusement park lovers “head for the thrills” as Six Flags Over Texas, the first park in the Six Flags chain, opens.

1968 : The Beatles finish recording their first record “Hey Jude” for Apple Records, it is released on 26th August with the B side “Revolution”. The “Hey Jude” single went to number 1 on September 28th and stayed #1 for 9 weeks

1970 : President Richard Nixon’s powers to freeze prices, wages, and interest rates were to be voted on in the house amid howls of foul play from Republicans. Soaring inflation prompted this move to give the president more executive powers.

1971 – “The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour” was debuted on CBS-TV.

1981 : MTV the music video cable channel whose original purpose was to “play music videos” launches. The first music video shown on MTV was “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles.

2008 : The president of Brazil launched a fund aimed at protecting the Amazon rainforest.

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