Rockefeller – the final bit

Today we received Clue 4 (the final one) for the Rockefeller KAL over on Ravelry. Fortunately, there are some really speedy knitters out there who have gotten a good start on the clue so we can see what it looks like, and some have already made modifications to the pattern! I am thankful for this because honestly, I don’t like the clue as-written… I’m not a huge fan of garter stitch and that’s all that this last clue is. And striped garter at that. If my yarns were closer in color I think it would be fine, but with the high contrast it just reminds me of a bumblebee…

I have loved the shawl thus far and it would be a shame to finish it off with something that I wouldn’t be equally enamored with, so I will be doing a whole bunch of the mods already suggested for this final clue. Most notably: less garter. I’ll be knitting the green in stockinette and the purple in garter so that it matches the main two sections of the shawl, and I’ll be making the i-cord edge solid color as well (again, to match what’s already there). I’ll also be reversing the decreases so the shawl makes more of a crescent shape rather than a “U” shape as written.

I can’t get started on the knitting quite yet, but here’s my shawl as of last night – posed on the (dormant) lawn with very little daylight left so it’s a bit washed out. As I was arranging it, a teeny tiny baby grasshopper jumped onto the middle of the shawl! The little guy was only 1/4″ long, but was an impressive jumper. And quick, too – I couldn’t get him on camera.

Clue 4 has us picking up stitches from each edge (facing to the right in my pic) and knitting long ‘wings’ to wrap around. This should be a very wearable shape. One final thing on this shawl that I would have modified if I’d known how it was going to turn out: the initial cast-on should have been provisional so that we would have live stitches like the final edge that we put on a stitch holder. It’s silly to do a regular cast on if you are later going to have to pick up stitches in it.


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  1. keisha says:

    That is very pretty.

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