Put on a happy face

Today, in an effort to not think sad thoughts about how it’s been three years since my dad’s passing, I offer up some photos of things that have made me smile in the past few days.

This guy wouldn’t cooperate and look directly at me when I had my camera on-but-discretely-aimed (or it could be that when he looked directly at me I quickly hid the camera), so it’s not as evident in this picture — but he looks a bit like a younger, pre-plastic surgery, pre-steroid, pre-freaky makeup Carrot Top, complete with red curly hair parted down the center.

My Rockefeller Shawl is coming along nicely; the sides seem to take a long time to knit, but it could just be because it’s miles of garter and there isn’t a pattern repeat to check off. I had to order a second skein of the dark color (oh darn, I’ll have extra madelinetosh yarn).

Amelia barely fits on the top of the cat tree now; she hangs off all over the place during nap time, and during play time I’m afraid she’s going to break this shelf right off with her antics. She’s not so tiny anymore, the last time I got her on the scale she was a sturdy and compact 9.25 pounds. Visually smaller than our other cat, Amelia is a couple pounds denser.

The recipe for these scrumdiddlyumptious little chocolate lava ‘cakes’ has been perfected. I might share, if you ask really nicely. It took some trial and error to covert them over from French and it’s such a chore having to sample the test batches…  This is a pic of the last batch, wherein I learned that I should have used five custard cups instead of four. I see another ‘test batch’ in my near future, to make sure that’s correct.

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2 Responses to Put on a happy face

  1. Erica says:

    That is one cute cat, for sure. Your Rockefeller turned out beautiful!!! Great color combo.

  2. Angela says:

    I can see how these things help put on a happy face! I am sorry for you loss, but I happen to believe they are always by your side.

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