Seattle sick leave law

Beginning September 1, 2012, Seattle will be joining San Francisco, California, and Washington DC in requiring employers to offer sick time to their employees, regardless of their status (full time, part time, or temporary). Today I received an email reminder from the Seattle Office for Civil Rights reminding me about this upcoming date (part of my job is benefits / HR).

My company already provides sick time to its full time employees, but I had a question regarding this new law as it applies to part time employees, so I looked up the FAQ. My particular question was not addressed, so I did what the FAQ recommends: I sent an email to the designated rep. And immediately got back and “Out of Office” reply. The designated rep is not in the office right now, and won’t be for an entire week. Seems rather silly to send out a mass email reminding employers about this looming deadline and then not have someone available to answer questions…

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