Falling to pieces

Once upon a time, I set out to make scrap quilts for each of my three kids. Red for Kyle, blue for Jordan, and purple for Olivia. I finished Kyle’s quilt and it has gotten good use over the years. So much so that the binding is all frayed and it is bunny-soft from being washed repeatedly.

I never finished the other two, and today I dug them out of my sewing closet to see how they looked. Jordan’s is mostly pieced, though it is a bit too narrow yet; I have a stack of blue fabrics to make side pieces for it.


Olivia’s is considerably less finished…


And apparently I had planned a second quilt for Olivia, as I found a stack of flannel squares.


I also pulled out some strips I made of vintage fabrics not that long ago. I got these bits on etsy; they are from old flour sacks. They vary quite a bit in texture and weight, and there isn’t a lot of them so I’ll be spacing them apart with unbleached muslin strips.


I’m almost done sewing the binding on the blue strip quilt, then I think I’ll see about finishing up Jordan’s quilt. The windmill pieces can wait a bit longer. As I was sorting through all these partial quilts, hubby commented that it looked like I was going on a quilting bender. I said it was going to appear that I was quite the speedy quilter, as I’d have a bunch of finished quilts in a relatively short span of time.  Unfortunately, I’ve already shown the ‘net how most of these have a head-start and any attempts at claiming to be a speedy quilter will likely fall on disbelieving eyes. 🙂

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  1. Kyle says:

    Hah, one of the perks of being firstborn 😛

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