Back to school

It’s that time of year again! Kids all over the country are headed back to the classrooms; our district starts next week. This year, we have just one child going back to school so the prep is considerably reduced. She got some new clothes yesterday and we’ll be picking up actual school supplies once we get the lists from her teachers.

In the mean time, I thought I’d share images of the school supplies I had.

Yes, the yellow Pee-Chee. It had multiplication tables and other helpful (mostly math-related) stuff printed on the inside pockets. It usually only took a few days for the athletes to be colored in and doodles to fill the empty space.

The Trapper Keeper, which had a Velcro closure on the flap, came out while I was in elementary school, and teachers quickly banned it – apparently, having 30 kids ripping open that Velcro flap over and over every time they need a #2 pencil or a sheet of paper is obnoxious.

The #2 pencil. No pens allowed. We could only sharpen the pencils when the teacher said it was ok, so I usually had 4-5 and I would try to keep them all needle-sharp (never did like writing with a dull pencil) because I hated walking to the front of the classroom to sharpen them.

Speaking of pencil sharpeners, they always seemed to be mounted to the wall near the teacher, so everyone stared at you while you stood there cranking away. Note the adjustable dial for different thicknesses of pencils, which always seemed silly to me – we had thick pencils in Kindergarten and them moved right to the regular #2 yellow ones.

Lunch boxes were migrating from metal to plastic, and characters adorned them all. I remember having tomato soup in my thermos and an american cheese on Wonder Bread sandwich (complete with Miracle Whip). The plastic hinges and latch never seemed to last very long, so I had several of these over the years, including Peanuts, Garfield, and Star Wars.

Tupperware. Oh, the Tupperware. Woe to the child who lost a cherished piece of Tupperware at school and had to go home with head hung low and confess the loss to their mother. I had one of these lunchboxes for awhile and it was definitely more sturdy than the character lunchboxes, but infinitely less cool.

Sometimes I got school school lunches, and for awhile we had these triangular milk cartons. They came with a little straw that you had to shove into a perforated spot on the carton. Much like today’s Capri Suns, it didn’t always go well.


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    I loved my Trapper Keeper!

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