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Killer attitude

Normally, I am pretty set against pesticides, herbicides, and the like. I try to use natural methods and ingredients in my yard and garden. I spend a lot of time picking off bugs, slugs, and assorted critters. I use mulch … Continue reading

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Hooray for free food!

As my birthday draws near, my email is beginning to fill up with offers for free celebratory food. I don’t use them all, but there are some I never pass up (like the Keg). You can’t see it on the … Continue reading

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Apple of my eye

Ordinary on the outside. Extraordinary on the inside! Anyone know what kind of apple this is? It’s very tasty; was in a box of mixed apples & pears we received today from one of our consultants.

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Can’t type, fingers hurt. Dusted off my guitar, got it tuned up, and worked through some major chords for a bit. Now my fingertips are screaming bloody murder. Guess I shouldn’t have let it languish for so long. Also, I … Continue reading

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Weekend highs

The clouds must have heard my plea because Saturday brought us a little rain – not a lot, but enough to dampen the ground and clear the air a bit. I still had to water the flower beds this morning … Continue reading

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High and dry

Seattle put its big, grey hat back on but refuses to drop any measurable precipitation. We are fogged in and clouded over but the ground remains parched and leaves are wilting. It has now been some 60 days since we … Continue reading

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Too many morons

Yesterday was my middle son’s birthday, and during his birthday dinner we chatted a little bit about the decline of society. See, yesterday morning when I went out to go to work, I was greeted with this: That’s a non-emergency … Continue reading

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Hiking and cleaning and knitting

Friday evening we headed out to the cabin so we could get an early start on a hike Saturday morning. We went on the Iron Goat Trail; it’s nine miles one way, but we got extra hiking in as we … Continue reading

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Mixed messages

See that bit of text right above “Crackers”? It says “Please Drink Responsibly”. I never would have thought that eating crackers could lead to inebriation…

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Sick day

It seems that I picked up a bug at the Fair on Saturday; I started feeling punky on Monday and by Tuesday morning I was truly sick. I called in to work and spent the day in the recliner, with … Continue reading

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