Catkin & Nutkin

Now that things have returned to some semblance of normality, I’ve gotten back on track with my knitting projects. School is back in session, volleyball season is over, and the garden is winding down (pretty much just tomatoes, onions, and cukes growing now). Speaking of the garden, the corn was a failed experiment – the cobs were small, not fully fertilized, and each plant only produced one ear anyway. I’ll do some research before next spring and see what I should do to improve the yield. I did read a little something about planting corn with squash and peas (I think), something about The Three Sisters.

On the needles: I’m back in the swing of the Catkin Shawl! Am on the last chart(s) now, about halfway through this final section. I can’t wait to get this baby done because I think it is going to be a great addition to my fall wardrobe. It’s gotten pretty big now and I had to split it onto two circular needles because I don’t have one long enough for all these stitches. I like the ‘bubbles’  that are formed with slipped stitches.

(Catkin Shawl close-up of “bubble” pattern)

I’m also back to the socks – have a pair of orange Nutkins on the needles. Am past the heels and chugging up the legs now; these are a great commuter project.

(Nutkin socks in progress. Horrible lighting.)

I’ve still got a few projects in my self-imposed “12 in ’12” bag that I want to get going on: there’s a My Heaven lace shawl that I can’t wait to dive into and if it turns out well, I’ll submit it to the Puyallup Fair next year. (I got my Pi Shawl submitted this year. Can’t wait to see if they put it out in the display!) There’s also a linen wrap in there, and a mostly-completed scarf to finish up.

Now that the weather is turning, I can also haul out the two afghans I’ve got underway. Was much too hot to work on them over the summer, but I’ll be glad for their warmth for our cool evenings now. And sewing, have several projects underway there, too…


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2 Responses to Catkin & Nutkin

  1. mcwieser says:

    Plant corn in a square for better pollination. You may still have to hand pollinate. Corn is a bugger that way.

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