Weekend highs

The clouds must have heard my plea because Saturday brought us a little rain – not a lot, but enough to dampen the ground and clear the air a bit. I still had to water the flower beds this morning but it feels cleaner out there.

Today I am able to let the proverbial cat out of its proverbial bag: our eldest is moving back to the area! I’ve missed his laugh, his wit, and the interaction between him and his siblings. It’ll be great having him around again. He’s got a place to live and has gotten the ball rolling to be back in time for Thanksgiving. And in similar news: the middle son has announced his intention to move out; he and a couple of friends just got accepted on a rental agreement. All kinds of moving going on around here. The Girl is going to be lonely, being the youngest.

Friday evening we attended a surprise birthday party for our middle son and I got to hear his band perform. While it’s not my preferred music, they are good players (of course, my son is the best!). Here he is during the sound check:

Most of yesterday was spent organizing a bunch of my yarn. I got rid of itty bitty leftovers that I’ll never use, separated my yarns into types (wool, cotton, etc.), rewound balls that were falling apart, and got everything bagged up to protect them from roaming kitties. I now have a neat stack of WIPs next to my comfy chair so I can see just what I should be working on when the urge to start something new strikes. Ha. I also got a couple of failed projects frogged and the yarn balled back up to reuse.

As summer winds down, the tomatoes continue to thrive. This morning I got a good harvest and then spent the day making sauce. It’s gratifying to be able to take a bowl full of tomatoes, a couple onions, and some seasonings and turn it into a pantry staple that we’ll be able to enjoy through the winter months. Ended up with eleven pints of sauce plus a bit more in the fridge to use this week.

While I waited for the sauce to cook down, I worked on some mitts. Made these with extra madeline tosh sport with the Mitt Envy pattern:

And I have another set of mitts under way from blue wool. This pattern is Cozy Thermal Mitts. These were easy to set down between canning batches.

And I finally got some spinning skeined up and washed. I spun this ages ago but it’s just been sitting on the bobbins. I haven’t counted up the yardage yet but it’s a lot, in a light sport weight.


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