Killer attitude

Normally, I am pretty set against pesticides, herbicides, and the like. I try to use natural methods and ingredients in my yard and garden. I spend a lot of time picking off bugs, slugs, and assorted critters. I use mulch to control weeds, plant native species that are naturally more resistant to fungus, and I have a worm bin to make compost.

But the slugs have been decimating my shade garden despite my natural attempts at curbing their munching and I had to take things up a notch in order to save the plants.

A yellow box of Corry’s did the trick. This morning I went out and picked up 49 dead / dying slugs from around the pansies, hostas, and mums. That’s after just one application. What I like about Corry’s is that it only gets slugs and snails. It doesn’t kill sow bugs, worms, spiders, centipedes, etc. – all of which don’t harm the plants – just the slimy slugs that eat plants right down to the ground.

I must say, seeing just how many slugs were attacking my little yard made me glad I caved and bought the box of Corry’s. If I’d waited any longer, the little slimy army would have killed all our hard work.

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2 Responses to Killer attitude

  1. jilller says:

    I’m not gonna judge. I myself have a box of Corry’s in the garage, and used it with gusto and wicked glee while wreaking total slug destruction. My hostas were glorious! But, once we got the pup I was afraid to use it for fear I’d kill the wrong little bugger. So, I went ahead and bought some Sluggo. It’s expensive, but it works. And it’s safe for birds, your neighbors’ rotten cats, and silly Aussies!

  2. wonkydonkey says:

    Not worried about the nasty neighbor cats, but if I had a dog then yeah, I’d be less enthusiastic about spreading Corry’s slug destruction with such reckless abandon. The birds don’t seem interested in it, but perhaps I’ll look at Sluggo for next year.

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