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Twin Leaf Mitts

Fingerless mitts, in Regia sock yarn. Nice pattern, good shaping and cozy yarn. Going in the Christmas gift box! (pattern: Twin Leaf Mitts)

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Coming up roses

I started a pair of fingerless mitts in a lovely rose color. The yarn is so very soft; I don’t know what it is, but it’s very malibrigo-like. mmmmm… Anyway – this is the Susie Roger’s Reading Mitts pattern with … Continue reading

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Trade value

As a big fan of, I fully appreciate the power of trade and barter. We’ve acquired several new-to-us appliances and even a car this way, while at the same time finding a new home for items we ourselves no … Continue reading

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Pi Hat Recipe

Not pie. Pi. As in 3.14159….. Today I am sharing my simple, just-a-little math, any-gauge, any-yarn, top-down, knit-in-the-round hat recipe that I use over and over. You’re welcome. Step one: determine desired head size of recipient. Measure them, if possible. … Continue reading

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Wardrobe crisis

I’m not sure if it was our walk through the mall last night, the abrupt arrival of autumn, or my recent advancement into the 40-something category, but suddenly my closet is full of clothes I can’t stand. I have a … Continue reading

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A crock of wishful thinking

I love my crock pot. Except I can only use it on the weekends, which is also the best time for me to cook a “regular” meal, so the crock pot doesn’t get used as much as I’d like. See, … Continue reading

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Like a ninja

Busy weekend! We helped our middle son move some donated furniture into their new apartment, and I tried to track down some seed garlic. Ya’ll must have read my blog, because the nurseries were already sold out. ¬†After we gave … Continue reading

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No safe haven

I have to say, it is really concerning that the emergency stairwell (from which one is supposed to, according to the graphic, use to escape from fire) is itself flammable.

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Honey Cowl

I’ve had two skeins of Classic Shades yarn in my stash for quite some time – bought originally to make leg warmers, then I realized it didn’t have enough ‘bounce’ and the results would likely be very saggy – and … Continue reading

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