Attention PNW’ers: it’s time to plant garlic! Yes, right now (mid to late October) is prime bulb-planting weather. Get yourself some good seed garlic from a local nursery, separate the bulb into individual cloves, till up some garden soil, amend it with compost, and stick the cloves in roughly 2″ deep with the pointy end up, spacing 6″-8″ apart. Mulch heavily and ignore. We generally get enough precipitation from November to June that you shouldn’t have to water them.

They will send up greens in mid-winter and then get serious about it in spring. Cut the flower stalks as soon as you can tell them apart from the leaves (otherwise, the flower draws nutrients from the tasty bulbs), and sometime around the 4th of July the bottom leaves should start turning brown. When there are just 5 green leaves left, it’s harvest time! This usually happens around mid-July here in Seattle.

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