Honey Cowl

I’ve had two skeins of Classic Shades yarn in my stash for quite some time – bought originally to make leg warmers, then I realized it didn’t have enough ‘bounce’ and the results would likely be very saggy – and then the other day I ran across the Honey Cowl pattern and BOOM! I remembered about this yarn.  It is super soft and snugly  and the long color changes are nicely showcased in this slip stitch pattern. I’m making the larger size (220 stitches) and with two skeins the cowl should end up about 8″ wide. It’s also fantastic commuter knitting, as every other row is plain stockinette.

(almost half done; close-up of stitch pattern)

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  1. mcwieser says:

    Hey – I love this pattern. Made it for Hilary last year. So quick to knit. I love slip stitch.

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