Like a ninja

Busy weekend! We helped our middle son move some donated furniture into their new apartment, and I tried to track down some seed garlic. Ya’ll must have read my blog, because the nurseries were already sold out.  After we gave our son our couch, the family room seemed really off balance, so I rearranged the remaining furniture to make it look less plundered. It was also a great excuse to do a thorough sweeping /de-cat-hairing and to recover about a dozen assorted cat toys.

I also spent a fair amount of time working on some sewing projects that I started last year; fortunately, I made them bigger than necessary and kids have a way of growing so it should be just fine.  We finally got the rest of the balloons from my birthday party taken down, and I even managed to cook dinner – twice! Swordfish steaks (yum!) and a roasted chicken, which took an hour longer than expected because it was not quite thawed out when I popped it into the oven…

We narrowly avoided a trip to the emergency room; C felt like he was passing another kidney stone. I had some pain killers left over from a previous knee thing, and the last few stones he’s had were small enough to pass and all they could do for him at the emergency room was give him pain killers (and charge a blinking fortune for the visit), so I figured it was worth a try to DIY. It must have worked, because though he felt crummy for a couple days it never got excruciating.

Some knitting also got finished this weekend – a bucket hat pattern I’ve been working on (the girl says my prototype needs an embellishment, like a big flower or something) as well as the Honey Cowl. I’m past the cuff on the red Cloisonnee Mittens, and I’ve started to think about what else I might want to knit for Christmas. Legwarmers are on my mind again, and maybe a few headbands.

So, a very busy couple of days, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

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