Wardrobe crisis

I’m not sure if it was our walk through the mall last night, the abrupt arrival of autumn, or my recent advancement into the 40-something category, but suddenly my closet is full of clothes I can’t stand. I have a pretty strict “no new hangers” policy on my closet, which means that if I want to buy a new blouse, I have to discard one in order to free up a hanger. This is easy to manage because I dislike shopping. Greatly dislike.

And I’ve lost fourteen pounds since May, so my work pants are getting too baggy – I had to put two pairs in the donation bag last week because they *literally* were falling off me and they didn’t have belt loops. I’d already pulled a couple of blouses that had gotten too baggy, but this morning absolutely nothing in my closet looked good. I must have pulled eight shirts and jackets out, things I haven’t worn in over a year and that I just don’t like any more. I’m sure there are a few skirts that need to go, too, but I was trying to get ready for work so I couldn’t do a thorough closet overhaul.

But now, I have a bunch of empty hangers. And a serious shortage of work pants.

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