Spoilers, sweetie

I finished something, and it’s wrapped and under the tree. No pics until after Tuesday, because I know that the recipient will see this post.

I am almost finished with something else. Quite literally, it should take me twenty minutes to finish. I do have to locate one thing in order to put the finishing touches on it, but that’s no problem. It’s turning out really nicely!

There’s something else that is fully constructed and yet not completely finished. The final step involves customization and I’m considering gifting it in it’s all-made-but-not-quite-ready-to-use state along with a short explanation on what is involved with the customization part. The recipient will understand.

Everything else is wrapped and ready to go. Woot! The Mr. and I were watching Elf last night and he commented that now that the kids are older, Christmas is a lot easier. We spent many late evenings prepping, hiding, buying last-minute batteries, and assembling various toys over the years, and it’s nice to just be able to wrap and stash under the tree. Plus, two of the kids are not living here any more, so there wasn’t even a lot of pre-wrapping hiding to do.

Amelia got an early Christmas present: This morning I fished out seven cat toys, two crumpled balls of paper (were being used as cat toys), and one iPhone stand thing that I thought was long gone (was stolen by the cat and played with) – all out from under the desk.  The cat is now systematically playing with each of the seven recovered toys (she doesn’t get the paper balls or my iPhone stand thing) and will likely lose them back under the desk in short order.

P.S. Don’t hate me – but I’ve already started stashing gifts for next year. 🙂


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