Long overdue

Thank goodness nobody hands out overdue fines for projects that don’t get completed in a timely manner. One of the gifts I eluded to in my last post was a quilt for my middle son, which I began sewing for him some fifteen years ago. Things came up, life got crazy, and the quilt got put away. For a long time. I was going through a purging stage a few months ago and pulled out all the unfinished quilts I had stacked up, and decided that I was going to knock a few off my list. I started with the oldest – one for Jordan. I mentioned it before, but the plan was to make a quilt for each of my three kids. Kyle’s got finished and has been well-used; it’s very faded and is getting threadbare in several spots; it gets used as a TV / couch blanket now, but spent a fair amount of time being a fort, dragging around toys, or as a hammock in the cherry tree when I first made it. Jordan’s got mostly pieced, and Olivia’s just got squares cut out…

Well, since Jordan has grown a lot since I started his quilt, I decided to go ahead and enlarge the quilt so that he can use it now as a grown up (the original quilts were sized for little boys / twin beds). His ended up 73″ wide by 100″ tall, with a flannel backing for extra coziness. I know that he has outgrown the patterns of the fabrics, but I hope he will enjoy the quilt anyway. 🙂

(flannel backing)


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  1. Erica says:

    That quilt is AMAZING.

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