New, improved, and ongoing

This morning started with a glorious sunrise!

(not my house)

I enhanced my stash with four new skeins of yummy yarn; three malabrigos and one manos. These will become hats.

A coworker gave me an old flat-screen TV that had a line across the top. Upon closer inspection (and serious disassembly), we found that the dust strip had come loose and fallen between the diffuser sheet and the glass LCD front.

(TV guts. LCD panel on the left, diffuser sheet on the right. The dust strip had slid onto the white diffuser sheet, creating a thick black line that you could see when the TV was on. In this pic, I have removed the strip and cleaned the residue.)

We removed the strip and cleaned the residue left behind, adhered the strip back into place, and put the TV back together. There is a faint shadow left from the strip (must have caused a little damage to the LCD’s), but it’s much, much better than it was. And hey, our first flat-screen TV!

Now that Christmas is safely behind us, we got back on the fridge cubby project. We have to move the furnace air intake next, and frame in the back wall of the cubby.

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