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I was listening to a podcast this morning, and they brought up a topic ┬áthat I hadn’t stopped to think much on before. Well, I had thought of each part of this separately, but I hadn’t put them together. There … Continue reading

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Spin to knit

It’s taken me awhile to accept that my handspun yarns are not horrible. They aren’t fantastic – I still have a hard time getting them consistent in twist and thickness – but every skein is a little better than the … Continue reading

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Early Christmas

Woot! A Kromski Sonata just came into my life; it’s barely used and I saved a hundred dollars over a new one. More than that, actually, because it came with extra bobbins and a padded bag. The lady I bought … Continue reading

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Hat trick

My third attempt at this hat pattern – it’s a Goldilocks situation. The pattern is not difficult, it’s more an issue of not being able to accurately measure my gauge in this honeycomb stitch. Hoping this time it turns out … Continue reading

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Oh, Christmas Tree

Some of you might remember that about a year and a half ago, my daughter rescued a kitten, which was eventually named Amelia. Last year we opted to forego putting up the Christmas Tree, as it was no match for … Continue reading

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Tiger Butter Fudge

To be fair, it’s more like candy than fudge, but it’s good nonetheless. And very easy to make – I blogged the recipe four years ago and that post continues to get hits from search engines, so folks must still … Continue reading

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