It never ends

Is it just me, or does there never seem to be an end to the list of things that need to be fixed or replaced? And it seems like it all happens at once in a great sh*t-storm of wallet-draining events.

I mentioned that we are doing a little home improvement project in the pantry, to make our kitchen more efficient. This entails fixing various issues that we’ve been overlooking, like incomplete patch jobs on the walls and subfloor reinforcements needed from home improvement projects by previous owners. We are doing all the work ourselves, but the cost of materials adds up quickly.

Our printer has been broken for several months, so I got a new one yesterday because the cost to repair a printer is more than to just buy a new one. We also finally bought a vacuum cleaner that will pick up the super-fine hair fluff that our older cat leaves all over the house, since our previous vacuum was no longer up to the task and the hairballs were growing to alarming proportions and starting to talk about forming a union. For Christmas I received a new food processor, to replace my old one – which was broken in a non-fixable way and had begun to leak out the bottom (not so good to discover when you are making pesto). Each a fairly small item, but they add up.

This weekend we were trying to determine whether or not we could afford to get a new washing machine  —— and then the furnace stops working.
Come on, was that really necessary?? It’s January. Snow is in the forecast. We do have a fireplace, but that only heats a small part of one room – the rest of the house is getting really chilly. I’d rather get a new washing machine, but the furnace has put itself at the top of the priority list.

We haven’t called in a repairman yet, but our fingers are crossed that whatever happened to the furnace is not an expensive fix; our washing machine truly is on its way to a watery grave and I am afraid it will leave us awash in thirty gallons of dirty laundry water when it finally throws in the towel (so to speak). Its partner, the dryer, is rapidly becoming an oxymoron, as it no longer performs its primary function with anything even remotely like gusto. And the dishwasher decided (after the warranty expired, of course) that one cycle is plenty, thank you very much; all those other buttons are just teasers. And the oven no longer has working elements in the top, so food doesn’t bake evenly: no broiling for us! Oh, and the parking brake cable recently snapped on the truck. And the car needs new tires (among other things). *sigh*

I know, I know: I am very grateful for my family, health, and having a house and a job I love. We aren’t super consumers that rush out to buy the latest gadget and gizmo, but I can’t help but wish that the “stuff” that we have wasn’t so old and in need of repair / replacement. Most of our major appliances were purchased second-hand, so we have not gotten the full life span from them (there was a reason the previous owners got rid of them), but new stuff is so expensive!  

Darned furnace.


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