A quick diversion

With the temperature dropping, we have begun digging out hats and gloves. The Girl put on a pink hat the other day hat that looked a little small; she asked me when I made it and we realized it had been quite a few years – she was much smaller when I made it,  so it is unsurprising that it no longer fit. I offered to make her a new hat and did a stash dive to come up with a couple of sock yarns in pretty blues and teals. Just two days earlier I’d run across a cabled hat pattern that I thought was really cute, which made it the perfect situation to start a new project. I set aside everything else I was working on and cranked out her new topper in two days. I presented it last night; it was dark in the living room so this pic is not the best but hopefully you get the idea:

(Sardi hat, in sock yarns held double)


About wonkydonkey

You want random? You got it. Mostly knitting and gardening, with some home improvements, pets, baking, family, and the occasional bad joke thrown in for good measure. This blog is mine; it is a place where I can insist upon proper grammar or break my own rules and degrade into slang on a whim. Either way, it's still mine. I love the Internet.
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