So close I can smell it

They are here! They are here!

Our new cabinets, fresh from the cabinet shop – smelling of maple wood and freshly-applied stain, made just for us and our wonky little kitchen with non-standard dimensions. We went with a small, local cabinet shop, one that uses solid wood (no beaver puke for us!) so they will last a good long time. When we can afford to do the rest of the kitchen, we will be able to go back to them and everything will be all matchy-matchy.

(base and upper cabinet for the pantry)

We still have some work ahead of us, for sure. Since our shoestring budget is super short, we’re doing all of the installation – including making a counter top for the base cabinet pictured above. We have extra laminate from when we redid the counters on the other side of the kitchen a couple years back during a much-needed face lift, and we will do the same tile back-splash as well to help tie the two ends of the kitchen together. There was no way we could match the original 1941 cabinets (and we didn’t want to anyway), so we didn’t even try. Instead, we got to pick what we liked – a gorgeous maple in a warm honey tone that goes perfectly with the flooring.

The new cubby that we built for the fridge is nice and wide, so the cabinet that goes above it is a whopping 45″ across! Plenty of room for all my cookbooks.

(they call this a bridge)

Last night we went to the hardware store to pick up shims and screws and the door pulls (to match the others), only to find that the pulls we have are no longer available at the store… A quick trip across the internet found some (on sale!), and we will have them in just a few days. We replaced all the cabinet hardware during the aforementioned kitchen face lift, we still like them, and they will go nicely on the new cabinets so we saw no need to start over. Plus, door pulls are crazy expensive. Not per each necessarily, but since you always need quantities it adds up fast (fourteen new ones for our three new cabinets).

(our door pulls, on the existing old cabinets)

The water line for the ice maker still needs to be put in, so the fridge is once again sitting in the middle of the kitchen. That ought to go quickly, however, and then we get to start installing – the cabinet above the fridge goes first. We’ve got a pile of scrap lumber and new shims to work with (our walls are far from plumb) and a fresh box of screws. I’m so excited! This will really help finish off the kitchen and will give us much-needed enclosed storage and additional counter space.



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