Sitting and knitting

I don’t have much time to do that right now, but that doesn’t take away the desire – and it’s evident by my recent activities. Yesterday I popped into my LYS (“So Much Yarn“) and took advantage of their anniversary sale, bagging five luscious skeins of angora / wool yarn…. mmmmm, angora…. I’ve never knit with angora before, but rattling around in the back of my head has been a desire to knit a big, squishy, cozy, soft, warm shawl that goes from cream to black – a la the Yarn Harlot’s Damask shawl. Except I didn’t want to spin the wool, and maybe not that exact pattern. Since everything in the store is on sale, I went ahead and picked up these beauties.

(Invernal, by AslanTrends. Very reasonably priced, 3.5 oz skeins of approx 295 yards each)

I’ve also had my eye on a chair, but haven’t sprung for it yet. We have inadvertently made too large a portion of our house beige / neutral, and I’m feeling the need to add some color – plus, I hate our living room furniture. We’ve talked about replacing the furniture now that the kids are grown and mostly moved out, and we have looked at a few furniture stores, but sticker shock combined with a lack of enthusiasm for the current furniture designs keeps us going home empty-handed. We recently decided that the living room doesn’t need a matched “set”, which freed up the options and so I’ve been looking with an eye on individual pieces.

Lo and behold: I fell in love with a chair at Cost Plus World Market, and I guess as far as furniture goes it’s not super expensive but I have a hard time paying much for furniture. This is probably because most of what we own was either given to us or acquired second-hand, so my sense of value may be skewed…  Funny, because I barely blink at $20 / skein for sock yarn, but $300 for a chair?? Huh-uh.  (My priorities may be just a bit out of whack. Or maybe not.)

I test-sat in the chair yesterday, and it would be a great knitting chair. Or reading chair. It’s firm yet comfy; and I love that deep teal color (it would go nicely in our khaki / chocolate living room). Most modern furniture is enormous, over-stuffed and extra-wide — but our house is small, and it needs appropriately proportioned furniture. This has been one of our challenges: finding furniture that isn’t scaled for giants with McMansions. This chair is a nice size, neither too large nor too small, and I can picture a deep purple (or red!) love seat beside it, with a funky table lamp tucked in the corner. It would look marvelous beneath the trio of French artwork we recently put up.

Damn, I think I’m talking myself into buying it. Think I could lug it home on the train?

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  1. soknitsome says:

    Take the chair and you can sit there and knit up that lovely yarn!

  2. Erica says:

    I love it!!!!!!

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